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-Origin if game name
RE:OZMA is inspired by the first SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) project. It was launched by the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory in 1968. Even in 2019, the ‘Project RE:OZMA’is still on going after many trials by lots of scientists for the past several decades. We decided to call our game “RE: OZMA”, combining the word “RE” and “OZMA", because we were inspired by many people’s entrepreneurial spirit towards project OZMA and its history.
-Alien,‘another image of us’
The first thing we talked about as a company after we were established was that we would like to reflect our own image into our game. We wanted to put our unique and freewheeling personalities into our game not following the given equation of success from other popular games and genres. Moreover, we wanted to create a game that is ‘fun to play together’. Shiftrick members, who have been part of ‘organizations’ for a long time, going through several different game companies, decided to pioneer their own path outside of the safe boundaries. We thought that it might look like an alien (extra-terrestrial intelligence being from another planet) that is sailing the lonely cosmos by itself. We thought that our journey of pioneering our own unique path not set by others may look like an alien (extra terrestrial intelligence being from other planet) from other people’s point of view. Thus, we decided to tell a story of a creature who is all alone in the wide cosmos. A story of new adventure, challenge, and journey into our game.