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RE:OZMA: The adventure has begun to find new creature! RE:OZMA is a 2D hybrid-Sandbox game :combining 6 game genres: Space strategy, Simulation, Shooting, Rogue-like, RPG, and Platformer. As players explore the planets, they experience a variety of game genres, with items and data from each game genre linked to each other, all of which can be played together on an online network server. RE:OZMA features exploration, community, digging, infinite creativity, crafting, building, combat with a variety of creatures in a procedurally and randomly generated 2D world. The core concept of RE OZMA is ‘autonomy’, ‘fusion’ and ‘entertainment’; it is a game where a gamer is finding the meaning of one’s being in the space while raising its character and surviving through the unknown world by meeting and connecting with other beings. Based on wide cosmos, players become an ‘Alien Creature’ and own a planet, to encounter countless stars randomly, develop its planet, ultimately create its own world, and to find a meaning of its existence. RE:OZMA provides single and IP plays on fundamentally multi-play environment to maximize the ‘fun from playing together’. It provides a world chat system where players can randomly meet in RE:OZMA Cosmo space, communicate and play with other players in their planet when they are online. Also if player wants to, player can Invite friend to the player’s planet.