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Sharing the universal language of “fun
Shiftrick (CEO Kyong Yeon Choi) is a new start-up company founded in March, 2018. SHIFTRICK is founded in 2018, we are 5 people.
The biggest reason of founding this company starts from a thought of “We only live once”. This led me to chase after my dream of establishing a company with these values: “A company where you can go in with excitement every day” and “A company where you work with people you like and work on what you love”.
Starting members of Shiftrick have an average of 11 years of experience going back to the early 2000s: from working for a large publishing game company to a game developing company. We have been launching and providing service for 15 PC game titles in various countries.
We have different experiences from game development, QA to service. We felt the possibility and potential of the global game market. Also, We wanted to find a dream company looking at the members who chase after the ‘fun’ of the game; who find fun in their life through work; who proactively focus on work. In addition, we thought to myself going through these experiences that I would like to provide cultural content where players from all over the world can play together. Our final goal is to share the universal language of “fun” with players and communicate it through fresh game contents and great service quality from our years of experience and Know-how from our time in the game industry.
-Management Philosophy : ‘Proactive’, ‘joy’ and ‘efficiency
There is no “end” in the contents & entertainment industry where we provide joy to people. People who create content must continuously think 24/7 and 365 days- until we dream about it. We have to give everything from ‘our life’ to focus on it. Moreover, we have to ‘enjoy’ our work first in order to give joy to others. Finding the work we want to do and be able to focus on it. Approaching every work efficiently. Respecting each other and working with people who like each other. Because of our work, many users enjoy ‘our product and service’. The positive and repetitive cycle of Proactive’, ‘joy’ and ‘efficiency ‘is the management philosophy of Shiftrick.