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Game Development Philosophy


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There isn’t a ‘given path’ in RE:OZMA. That means, it has high level of freedom and it is a game where player create their own playing style. “Player who wants to build a building, who wants to defeat the boss, who wants to enjoy the community”. No matter what type of play a player wants to try, that will take very important part of the game. There is a way for a player who only wants to enjoy the community and quit the game can be powerful within the game. Through different buildings, players can upgrade more powerful equipment and receive NPC’s help. Also player can create an equipment. No matter which method player use, once they clear the boss, they will receive a good treasure box. Player who is good at community will receive high points that can be trade into something special that player can’t simply get from buildings or boss. Therefore, if you are a user who is ready to play the game depends on players style and preference such as action, adventure, community, sandbox and others, they can all be a user of RE:OZMA. But I believe user who has will to pioneer their own goal and path by setting their own goal will enjoy RE:OZMA much more.
From start to finish, the ‘User’ is always in the center of Shiftrick’s game development philosophy. Shiftrick’s members, who have several years of experience of game development and game service, thinks that the game is completed when users play it together and create its new culture and play. Since the game that our company is making is from a small game studio and not from a large capital with hundreds of developers, we deiced to share our ‘fresh and authentic game’ to users; completing the game by connecting and sharing with the users from the start.